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VIRTUAL-TOWN-MEETING.com offers face-to-face simultaneous conversations between up to 100 participants. It is free and participants can stay anonymous. It is a place where elected officials, activists and citizens can share their opinions, ask and answer questions.

It mimics Town Hall Meetings but attendees can join from wherever they are. Online sessions can be one to three-hour long  and usually focus on a main issue announced by the creator of the session. At anytime, participants can create small groups to discuss specific subjects.

Anyone can join a conversation, share the screen with the main host or a theme facilitator, present videos, images or documents, or decide to start a new conversation. 

Participants need to have a webcam. On PC and Macs and Android, it works with Chrome and Firework. On Macs, iPads and iPhones, it works with Safari and IOS11.

Contact info@virtual-town-meeting for more information or to create a session

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