Virtual Town Meetings on Local Issues
Virtual Town Hall Meetings


Town Hall Meetings are extremely powerful because they allow local candidates to be in direct contact with voters. Candidates can present their program, address current issues and answer questions from the audience. Unfortunatel they require a lot of logistics.

With today's technology it is possible to organize virtual Town Hall Meetings where candidates and voters interact online in the convenience of their office or home. These virtual meetings are relevant whenever elections, ballot propositions or major projects impacting the community are on the horizon.

Video provides a sense of community

These events are run by one or several hosts. A host is in charge of what happens in a room. When participants arrive, they join a room. In the first/main room the host presents the organization of the event and introduces the candidates or project proponents and adversaries.


The advantage of the virtual format is that all participants can be active and give presentations with slides or images. This is important when experts are involved but it can also be used by citizens to describe their environment.


Another advantage of virtual meetings is that discussions on different subjects can happen simultaneously. Participants can create their own rooms to discuss a specific subject. A room can be created at anytime and closed at anytime so it is a very flexible option. Attendees can also join a room and leave it at any time. 



Virtual Town Hall Meetings can gather several hundred participants allows hundreds of participants to interact simultaneously using video. Each new subject can generate a stream of conversations. A participant creates a new room which will host these conversations. Other attendees will join the room, ask questions or share their experience, and then leave to join another room. 


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