Our Mission
Our Mission

The purpose of VIRTUAL-TOWN-MEETING is to help US citizens, residents and activists: (1) discuss local, regional or state issues, (2) better understand the issue, and (3) act according to their informed conviction.

Virtual Town Meetings are online video forums where dozens of participants having the Internet and a webcam can converse with other people and prepare collective actions. 

Multiple simultaneous conversations can happen between the participants. The whole group can form sub-groups to work on different subjects, and the participants can reconvene at the end of the session for a synthesis of the discussions and a call for action.

Think about many people under the same roof focusing on a theme, forming groups on sub-themes, and moving from group to group according to their interest or knowledge. A virtual town hall meeting reproduces this configuration except that the roof is the Internet and that participants can move seamlessly from group to group while joining from wherever they are.

For more information or to create a session, contact: Info@Virtual-Town-Meeting.com


Accessing the video conversations

VIRTUAL-TOWN-MEETING.com requires recent browsers able to handle viseo streaming very quickly.

If you access the site using a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone, use IOS 11 and Safari 11 (not Chrome or Firefox)

If you access the site using a PC or an Android phone, use a recent version of Chrome or Firefox.


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